Other Late 40s, early 50s AM/FMs

Frequency Modulation Arrives At The Sparkbench!

Philco 49-905, an RCA, and GE409

Pilot tuner and Howard 482 converter

I never gave much thought to the history of the old 42-48 Mc FM band, but I found it to be very interesting.  There's some good links that provide greater detail on the early days of FM.

 FM sets for the old 45MHz FM broadcast band  - WA2ISE's thorough coverage of this vintage of radios.
 FM-Only Portable and Table Radios  - Andy Mitz's 'all FM' site
 Jeff Miller's Broadcasting History Pages - Includes listings and histories of the stations of the era.

   Here is a prewar console that had to be pretty much top-the-the-line in those days.  Its an E. H. Scott Philharmonic made in 1941 that tunes the old 42-48 Mc band.  This fine example is from the collection of Michael Feldt of Carmel, Indiana.

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