Stewart Schooley's DIY veneer

Here's pix of a current project using Stewart's technique

This is the patient. A Sparton 5-26 with a badly flaking metal front panel.

More detail of the flaking. The bare areas were starting to rust fairly quickly here. Decals are being prepared to restore the original dial markings.

The backside needed prepping and repainting also. I used a phosphate based local product for rust removal/prevention. Good stuff. Thanks to Dr. Barry Ornitz for clueing me in to the benefits of this type of product.

This is the "veneer". It was copied, enlarged and printed in B-W from a pattern on one of the wood sites. I used 1440 dpi printing and it came out excellent. It is applied with spray contact cement...two pieces, using the mirror function from an art program.

I can be reached at exray at sparkbench dot com
This page created on 10 Feb 2001