Hiker's Two

Homebrew Regenerative Broadcast Receiver

This is my homebuilt version of the  2-tube broadcast band regenerative receiver based on the space charge technique as used in the Hiker's Two radio developed in New Zealand in 1937.  You can read more about the Hiker's radios at this website. http://www.oldradios.co.nz/hikers

It uses a pair of 49 tubes (included) and operates with a 1.5 volt D-cell and a 9 volt transistor radio battery (also included).

Features hand rubbed lacquer on the well-made cabinet with box cut corners.  All the wiring and hardware is brass.  The front panel brass has been 'antiqued' for that vintage appeal.

Under the hood you'll find an extra high quality National DX tuning capacitor and a vintage Dubilier capacitor/grid leak mount.  Tuning knob is a great 4 inch AMCO type for accurate tuning.  The batteries are self-contained, hidden inside the little box shown in the rear photo.

You'll have a ball tuning around the old time way with this little set.  You'll need an outdoor antenna and a good set of high impedance headphones like were used back then.  I can copy more than a dozen stations at my location during the day and plenty more at night.

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