Haynes Receiver
A classic One-tube regenerative circuit from 1923-24

This poor little fellow was found in very distressed condition and I intended to use it only for parts.  But, since its so simple it made better sense just to fix it up and get it playing again.  I had to rewind the regeneration coupler and redo the taps.  This one uses more taps than the typical 4-tap Haynes configuration.  Most everything else was basic maintenance.  The variocoupler isn't in the best of condition.  Its one of the old hard-rubber types and has a chunk out of the edge.

It uses a nice tuning capacitor with a variable vernier plate for fine tuning.  The tube is an 01A type and it works pretty well even as low as the 20 volt range.

I built a little mahogany-toned cabinet for it since it was found sans cabinet.  It turned out to be an attractive little project and works quite well for a 1-tube circuit.

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26 May 2007