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1998-2000 projects

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Freed-Eisemann NR-9
6 tube Neutrodyne circuit.  Plays well, now trying to make it look good. 

Zenith 7H-820
New arrival.  Three-bander with the old 42 Mc FM band and the 'new' 88 Mc band.

GE 409
Excellent vintage AM/FM.  Speedometer dial a la '55 Ford.

Truetone D2210
Another 'Granny's' set. Metal case AC/DC set.  A real killer!!!

Philco 44
Nice vintage 3-band SW set. Belongs to my buddy Frank K. near Charlotte.

GE F-63
If any radio deserves to be called 'deco style', this is one classic example. AM and Shortwave.  Excellent radio.

Westinghouse WR-116
A fine radio, now living at Poge's office.


Dave's Monarch
Uses a Detrola 5X chassis. A small tombstone set.

Zenith 6-G-038A
Interesting BIG AC/Battery set.


This was a handsome radio when it was all finished up.

Philco 37-600
Little 4-tuber.  Surprising performance.
Stromberg Carlson 1121
Another BIG set. Both FM bands, AM and SW.  11 tubes. 

Airline 62-198
Also known as a Belmont 585.
Telefunken Jubilate 6
Nice little wood-cased German radio. Sold to a buyer in Hong Kong.
RCA T6-9
Another nice RCA tomber. Now resides Down Under.

Fairbanks-Morse 5B
This is the big brother to the 5A elsewhere on this site. This one has SW coverage.

RCA 5x
5-tube AC/DC set. Pity, its missing the pedestal base.

Midwest 162-R
Pride of the fleet these days! A remarkable 16-tube, 6 band set.
Setchell Carlson 407
Another great SWL receiver. Tunes from longwave up to 36 Mhz.
K-O Radio
(mid 30s)
This is a no-name generic "Plant A"brand. Nice though.

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