Philco 630 Chairside (1935)

This is the original photo from the Seller. I'd have to add that the photo "does it justice" because upon arrival it wasn't as good as it appears.

The 630 was the chairside version with similar circuitry as the 610 table model which was (is) extremely prevalent. Uses octal tubes 5Y4G, 6A8G, 6K7G, 6Q7G, 6F6G. Its a 3-band radio, tuning up to 18 Mcs.

I ended up totally re-veneering this radio. One side (I don't know whether its called back or front!) was well damaged by water and took several layers of reconstruction of the wood. A couple of the rounded corners were peeling. After starting it, I realized that I'd never get the veneer stained to match, so I went ahead and did it all. The top on these radios is prone to warpage, and someone previously had put a zillion long screws in it to warp it back into place. Its good and flat, a rarity in this model.
It came missing the speaker and the vernier tuning drive. They were easy enough to find but more than doubled the original cost of the radio. Then more knobs...ouch!
Refurbing the electronics was fairly routine. It came out to be an excellent playing radio. Very sensitive and a great sound with the big 10 inch speaker.

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