Garod 1947 model

This is the "before" photo from the guy who had it listed for sale.

This radio is a 40's era, big 8-tube table model. Made by the fine folks at Garod, I think around 1947. Uses 5Y3-Rectifier, a couple of 6SQ7's, a 6SA7, a 6SK7, the 6U5 "eye" tube, a 6K6 and another 6K6-Audio Out. Band coverage is BCB, 6-18 Mcs and a bandspread band of 9.4 to 12.0 which is real nice for casual tuning. Has an audio input connection for FM or TV.

I'm not really sure what the model number is. The tube chart says C-200, C-205, C-210 as if there are three versions with the same tube layout. Its also very similar in style to a 3B123 listed in the Bunis guide.

This radio reached the Sparkbench in pretty fine condition. I forget if it was working or not. I did all the regular repair stuff to it and it plays beautifully. The "eye" tube is like new and works as it should. Since it was in such fine condition, it just gave it a good cleaning, repainted the brown trim and put a new coat on the top. It has its original grill cloth and knobs.


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