K-O Radio from the mid-30s

This is how I got it.

This is one of those no-name radios from the notorious "Plant A" in Chicago. Plant A made dozens of different known brands as well as some generic ones for individual department stores, etc to stick their own name on. They usually have nothing more than a nailed on escutcheon to give them an identity. This one got K-O. I have no clue as to who's brand that might have been, or any other data on the set.

That metal orange label is the giveaway on these sets. It identifies it only as "Plant A - Chicago"

Another hallmark of these generic radios is that the chassis and cabinet may have been made by separate factories. That might be the case with this one. It all fits, but not so well. Control shafts seem short, etc.

Its a 7-tube set counting the ballast and eye tube and is an amazingly good performer on both BCB and shortwave. I like the style of it and the big multi-colored dial.

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