Zenith 6G038A (1946)

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This is a 1946 model Zenith 6G038A. It is an AC/battery radio, It covers AM thru shortwave up to 18 Mcs. Tubes are 2-1N5, 1A7, 1LD5, 3Q5 and 117Z6. Big cabinet but tiny chassis, similar to what was found in some of the suitcase radios of the era. As with any radio of this style, an outdoor antenna really perks it up, but the internal whip is adequate for strong stations. The bandswitching scheme also selects an external antenna, so some sort of wire antenna would be very beneficial. This is an original feature of the radio, not a modification. Its sensitivity is respectable with a decent antenna. Its a LARGE radio, measures 25" wide, but not all that heavy. The speaker is a big PM type with no damage other than a slight warping of the cone. The radio has been completely recapped, even only a couple of the original resistors remain. The flaky rubber insulated wiring has been replaced. All pots and switches perform reliably and noiselessly. No slippage on the dial.

The 'Radioorgan' switches are a bit beatup looking compared to the rest of the radio. A couple of them don't seem to do much for the tone...maybe its my ears-the circuit checks out ok. There is some kind of sequence to activating them. The dial glass is original (with some scratching for that desireable 'old' look-haha) and the knobs are AES replacements which are a bit disappointing as compared to the originals. $20 poorly spent!

There's a scratch on the dial as shown.

Inside shows the fuschia colored paint that some previous joker used. Its really not as bright as it looks here and I left it alone. The cabinet had been poorly redone by somebody in the past. I stripped it down and started from scratch. The new lacquer finish is superb and its a fine looking piece of furniture.