Ambassador Viscount

...a BIG English radio from the 50s

HUGE - look at my hand compared to the radio !!!

Down here in the islands, you don't run across vintage radios at yard sales. Radio became popular concurrent with electric service in most places, which means the 1950's. And with most of the islands being European colonial entities, the radios are European models. A good buddy in St.Kitts rounded up this one for me.
Its a 'Viscount', made by Ambassador in the UK. Total of 9 tubes including the eye tube. Its an 8-bander that tunes all the way up to 23 Mhz. Its a wood case, with dual 8" speakers.

This one came replete with a nice rats nest!

What a dial!!!

I have no idea what I'm getting myself into with this project. Initial check shows the power xfmr and AF xfmr are ok, so I'm gonna give it a go. All of the tube markings are rubbed off. Any info on the set would indeed be appreciated.

Update 11 Oct 1999 - Got it playing! AF xfmr failed during testing and had to be replaced. Tube line up looks like: RF Amp-unknown, Osc-ECH42, IF Amp-EBF80, Detector - ECC83, Phase Inv - ECC83, AF outputs - 2xEL41. Still no schematic can be found, at least without a proper model number. Its obviously an 'export' model.
Go here to see the finished photos. BEAUTIFUL!

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