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Vintage Radio restoration is a passion of mine.  It always gives me a thrill to bring one of these relics back to like new condition.  There's alot of sites dealing with real valuable old radios, but this is a site for the 'common tinkerer' with budgetary concerns who likes to have a good time refurbing and tinkering.  Most of the sets on these pages cost me less than $100, many under $50.

There's before and after photos of many of the sets and case histories and descriptions of what it took to make 'em work again.  I add 'finished' photos as they get done, but photography and webpage design are not my hobbies!  This site started in 1997 and is constantly growing.  .

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Philco 38-62
A real common, but nice radio. I've done two of them and find them to be nice little radios.

Paquette's Air King
So who is Paquette?  Give her a call and find out.

Coronado 740
Another one of those big table models.  A great radio!

Early Zenith AM/FMs
There's a story here.  Has it been that long ago since one of these was on your granny's table?

Delco 1106
Real wood on this puppy.  One of my first restorations.

RCA Model 5T
I'm a sucker for this era of RCAs.  They're great radios.

(late 1920s)
It works!  And receives surprisingly well.

Airline 62-135
This one took alot of work but came out beautiful.
(Now it belongs to "Aero" Maierhoffer)

Skyrover 588
Rare little 5-tuber.  Mom's kitchen radio.  Too cute!

GE M-50
When this one arrived, the veneer didn't come out of the box at the same time as the radio.

Whatzit?  Its a little AM/SW table radio built by a big WWII military electronics supplier.  I understand they were sold in PXs during WW2.  Anybody remember it?

Philco 89
This is a photo of how it arrived here at the Sparkbench, and yes, it was saved.

The Garod
Solid old SW radio.  Was in nice shape so I really didn't do much to it.

Silvertone 1581
Fantastic hi-tech vintage radio.
A SWLers delight.

Philco 37-60
This is my 'beehive' radio awaiting restoration.  Plays well, but somebody put stick-on vinyl across the 'hive' as a repair and it needs to be re-veneered.  Coming soon!

RCA Model 9K3
My first SW radio at age 14 was one of these.  I bought it from my shop teacher in 7th Grade for $5.  Still a keeper and recently did a refurb on the chassis.

Fairbanks-Morse 5A
Another one I bought from my shop teacher in 1967 - for $1.25!  Recently gave it a refurb too.  Click to see what it looked like before.

 Philco 630 Chairside
Massive refurb project and it turned out beautifully!

Here's a little photo of the shack and antenna.

Italian Europhon
A real 100% Italian radio.  Rather unique if you ask me.

A new acquisition 8/99.  A beautiful radio after it was redone.

Ambassador Viscount
(UK - 1949)
This has got to be the biggest table radio ever made.  Quite a refurb project.

RCA T7-5
Another new one.  RCA tombers can count on a warm welcome at the Sparkbench.

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