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2007-08 projects

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Ross Hull Superhet

This is one of those mega-projects for when you have too much spare time.

May 2007

Grebe CR-18
(cloned circuit)

This receiver was built from the plans of the Grebe CR-18 shortwave receiver.

January 2007

"Another 1929 Receiver"

This was from an article by Paul Hendricks in a 1929 QST. Its a 3-tuber using a 22 and a pair of 01As.

February 2007

Its a Schnell !

This is my version of a Schnell receiver from about 1924. I revised it to tune from about 900 kc up to the 40 meter ham band.

March 2007

Stinson 99
I bought this from Dave Stinson a while back hence the name. It uses three UV199s in a medium-wave regenerative circuit.

October 2007

Silver-Marshall 730

My version of this popular commercial receiver kit. Very impressive performance.

October 2007

A Roberts Reflex

This is the receiver that I am presently working on.  Its a 2-tube BCB reflex design.  Works surprisingly well.

March 2008

Somebody Else's HB

I got this one from a friend in Canada.  Its a regen superhet but I gave up on trying to get it to work properly.

July 2007

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