The 'New Millenium' Projects

There's no keeping up with the website. I accumulated all my outstanding photos for a permanent "under construction" page and will fill in the details as time permits. Most of these will not have links to larger photos or detailed descriptions. These are mostly from 2002-2003.

Philco 42-327
This is one of those Philcos with the dual triode in the front end. The performance is excellent on BC and SW.

September 2002

Philco 49-905
Philco's very popular AM/FM set of the era. Nice performer but the 1950 model is noticeably better. Sharp styling.

October 2003

Philco 50-925
This is the new improved version of the 49-905. Adds an FM RF amp stage and cleans up some other bugs.

December 2003

Philco 51-532
Not a very remarkable set. Plain old AM radio with nice styling. Mine is getting the cherry-red paint treatment!

December 2003

Philco 53-566

Philco 53-566
A very unique looking radio. Its actually a dual-bander with the old 'Special Services' band. Kind of ahead of its time I think.

November 2003

Philips 529-HU
Oooh! This is one of their famous Super-Octode models. A real pain to work on but is a very impressive looking radio.

May 2003

Pilot TV-37
Whats a radio collection without the Pilot TV-37? Barely classifies as a TV but its certainly a unique item. Mine plays quite well...if you can see the little 3" screen!

September 2003

RCA 100
This is an "ohh-too-cute" little cathedral set. I think it was at the bottom end of RCAs offerings in that era but now its a real classic. Traded it for the Pilot TV!

Spetember 2003


Another sleeper. An excellent 8-tube radio hiding in a ho-hum cabinet.

October 2000

RCA R-28-P
They made this thing in at least a dozen cabinet styles. I later traded my box cabinet for the cathedral style.

July 2002

I just got thru restoring it. Lots of problems with my junk purchase. But its a very handsome radio and deserves more credit than it gets. Knobs coming soon :-)

October 2003

Prelude 54
A massive piece of French style from the 50s. BIG mirrored dial and yes I shipped it from Europe without breakage!

April 2003

Sonora CR-???
(about 1937)
This French set gets very high ratings by me. Good sensitivity and a solid feel with a weighted flywheel for tuning.

March 2003

Tandberg Solvsuper 3
This set has all the same problems as my Solv 2. Bad power xfmr, all the trimmers were bad. Arrgh! Nice set nonetheless.

June 2003

Welpa Model 5
(early 30s)
This radio is a TRF set made by a small French outfit (Thos. Weber). No numbers on the dial, only cities!

December 2002

Zenith MJ1035
This radio is a 'sleeper' among AM/FM sets. 12 tube circuit with FM stereo. Fairly common and dirt cheap. Not plastic 60s junk...23 pounds of nice radio.

December 2003

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2 May 2004