The 'New Millenium' Projects

2001-2002 projects

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Mende 198 GW
A German TRF reflex set Very high performance for a basic regen circuit.
September 2002

Model 5
A great old TRF one-dialler.
November 2000

Reela Dauphin 56
My first French radio. I was impressed with the unique styling.
January 2002

Silvertone 4563
A venerable table set from the 30s.
January 2001

Silvertone 4660
Another nice Silvertone table radio.
July 2000

Truetone D-724
A great radio and a real DX machine with superb audio. One of the better table models of the era.
November 2000

Zenith Chairside 10-S-452
What can you say about a 10-tube Zenith Chairside other than "what a fantastic radio!"
February 2002

Philco 38-38
aka 38-9
This was a battery set converted for AC operation.
February 2001

Yep, you guessed it. A Bulgarian radio from the 1930s.
January 2001

Philips BX495U
They said this one couldn't be restored. Read all about it.
April 2002


Strad 553W
A nice old English-made set.
April 2003


Seibt Roland 23L
A 3-tube German regenerative set that will blow you out of the room!
August 2002

Elman Yakushin
A pre-war regenerative
Japanese radio.
December 2002

Sharp AR-310
A fine old Japanese
table radio.
December 2002

Silvertone 7215
Meteor was a brand marketed
by Sears-Silvertone.
June 2002

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