The 'New Millenium' Projects

2001-2002 projects

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Cute little AA5 Bakelite set. A "Family Heirloom".
August 2002

GE A-53
A small GE tombstone set.
Sept. 2001

GE A-63
Next one up in the 1935 year GE tombstone line.
April 2001

GE A-70
One of the GE 'fish-mouth dial' models. An excellent radio restored for a friend here in PR.
October 2001

GE A-82
One of the finest big tombstone sets of the 1930s.
August 2001

GE K-64
An adorable cathedral set currently undergoing restoration.
Sept. 2002

GMR Echo 436
A fine old French tombstone set which turned out to be a great radio.
Sept. 2002

JIC Radio Grillon
I've not been able to find much info on this set. I suspect it was a kit or a very small manufacturer in France.
July 2002

A 6-band Soviet transistor set.
March 2002

Oceanic Type 49
An attractive French set.
April 2002
Pathe TRF
Little 4-tuber. Surprising performance.
August 2001
Radio Star 653
A great little postwar French set. 5 bands! This is the best LW radio I have ever used!
January 2002

Sailor 46 T

A transistorized marine receiver made in Denmark.

July 2002

Nice little wood-cased French radio with lit bezel.
February 2002
Stromberg Carlson 310
Not sure if this is the correct model number. Its a 3-band AC/battery set.
June 2002

Solvsuper 2B
A wonderful Norwegian-made radio. One of my favorites.
See also the Solvsuper 3 on following pages.
November 2001

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